Driving made easy for you!

SimuRide Driving Simulation Software specializes in e-learning software.

Dedicated to driver’s education for both beginner and commercial drivers for all jurisdictions within North America, educating for written tests and instructing how to operate vehicles with automatic and manual (including double clutching) transmissions.

SimuRide Home Edition is a simplified version of the full professional Driving Simulation Software used in driving schools, correctional facilities, and rehabilitation centers. 

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Driving Decision Making

Crossing busy intersections with traffic lights, yield or stop signs teaches students to make the right decision. One winding road throws boulders across the path of the driver at random. Here, the student learns defensive driving and how to react quickly and appropriately by braking, accelerating, or changing lanes in time.

SimuRide Driving Simulator Features

The program immediately displays error messages and records all errors in a minute by-minute report accessible at the end of each drive. The car takes the student through a 3D virtual map that includes:

  • A parking lot
  • City intersections
  • A highway
  • A dark tunnel
  • A foggy valley
  • Icy patches
  • Construction zones
  • A winding road with falling obstacles

What can be practiced with SimuRide Driving Simulator?

  • Parallel parking and parking in a provided space
  • Reversing and switching gears
  • Merging and driving on freeways / highways
  • Passing other vehicles
  • Being aware of speed and remembering to use headlights, mirrors and turn signals
  • Interacting with intersections
  • Driving in darkness, fog, and sunlight
  • Hazard avoidance in the falling boulder course.

How SimuRide Driving Simulation Software is Different

  • Software (SimuRide) and hardware is offered separately
  • No forced lesson structure; SimuRide is “free-roam”
  • Runs on your own desktop or laptop computer and monitor

Why Use a SimuRide Driving Simulator

  • Boost practice without needing
  • Constant supervision of a licensed driver
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • A real vehicle
  • Maintenance
  • Extra hours in a driving school program
  • Track errors and speed with automatic reporting
  • Practice safely without any anxiety
  • Other uses include overcoming fears, improving coordination and reaction time.