Hi Aplusb
Just an update. I am very satisfied now with the performance of the simulator. After recalibrating the steering it is perfect! I know I came accross as a real S.O.B. and I would like to appoligize! Thank You for your email advice. I will probably be ordering another simulator in the near future. If there are any updates and or considerations for buying any other units please email me. Thanks again!
Simuride Home Edition is a good software specially designed for our laws of driving. Its engine is 3D and requires a regular PC (not older than 2007) with a good graphic card. You can set up the options if you find it slow.

I passed my practice test I have my driving card and this software helped me started when I was too nervous. I used before starting my practice lessons with a real car and helped me to take out the fear I had on me.
Indeed it’s just for really beginners, let’s say first time drivers. People that already drived some times as practice can skeep this software.

It gives you an evaluation when you finish your drive. Try the parking lot and in the fog.

It improves the feeling, But don’t try to set up all the butons.  A good configuration will be just the wheel, pedals and for the rest use the keyboard of the pc.

Enjoy! and keep practicing.

Dear company, congratulation for your products. I am very satisfied from SimuRide Professional (see the SimuRide set-up in my class room) and I think that home edition is very good too. Thank you, my best wishes for the company.”
Panos Bariamis, Greece
I have enjoyed the online demo and agree 100% that visualization is far better then reading, I do have a copy of the Canadian Driver’s handbook, which i paid $25 CND for and after trying your demo, it didn’t take me long to realize that using your software i have a significant chance of a higher grade when I go to write my test then I would have just reading the book. I am in the process of rewriting my driving exam at the age of 31, with little time to read the whole booklet and I am far more interested in using your software at night after work doing bits here and there.”