Prepare for your written exam, with Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test.
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Product Description

Road Rules – US & Canada Driving Test includes the information from all
63 US & Canada Official Driver’s 
Handbooks (each state and province adopted
little different traffic laws).
It is offered in 10 foreign languages
(English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Polish, Russian, Japanese and German).
The information presented visually is received and processed by the brain faster than
written text.
People think much faster than can read, so their minds tend to wander during a reading session.
This Interactive CD which is a visualized application helps keep you focused
on the information.

ROAD RULES US & Canada Driving Test is an ideal product for:
– potential and new drivers
– drivers of all ages and experience
– travelers and businesspeople
– updating your driving skills

Our product is designed to help you to:
– pass the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test
– travel from state to state, province to province
– save your time and money

You have an option to choose a specific state or province from the list.
US & Canada Driving Test offers you two options:

Study – educational program, which also contains helpful “Hints”, “Correct Answers”
and other 
dependable information;

Exam – evaluate yourself and decide if you are ready for the official Driving Test Written
Exam and Road Test.
Getting your drivers license for the first time?
Driving through or to another state/province and looking to update your current knowledge?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then this CD is for you.
With US & Canada Driving Test professional assistance you never get the same set of
questions again.
User-friendly interfaces make your study process easier and more effective.
The more you use US & Canada Driving Test — the more you learn and drive safely!


Our interactive CD is offered by License Offices, Driving Schools, Libraries and
Departments of Transportation
across North America.

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