Simu-Shift-Knob 18 Gears Shifter Replacement

Simu-Shift-Knob by Aplusb to Replace a Logitech G-seres or Thrustmaster TH8A, TH8RS Gear Shifter Knob to offer transmission options from 5 up to 18 gears.
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Simu Shift Knob Logitech 300x229            After long, intensive development, Aplusb Software is proud to announce the release of its newest product in its driver education line; the new Simu-Shift Knob.  The Simu-Shift-Knob replaces the shifter knobs on Logitetch and Thrustmaster shifters, adapting them for computer driving simulations, like Aplusb’s SimuRide Professional; to enable the operation of virtual commercial vehicles using 10, 13 and 18 gears, so drivers can practice H pattern, 6 gear shifting using a Logitech shifter, and 8 gear shifting using the TH8A Thrustmaster shifter; splitting gears between low and high range, as well as toggling between the low and high setting for each gear.   



Simu Shift Knob Logitech 300x229            The Gear Shifter Knob is compatible with both Logitech and Thrustmaster shifters, adapting those controls to operate the additional gear shifting options; and will work on other driver simulators, in addition to SimuRide Professional. 







To manually install the driver for the Simu-Shift-Knob by downloading the driver here:


Extract the driver file, then follow the steps for manually installing the driver found here:
The name of file referenced the guide is just an example and is different from the name of the driver you'll be installing, but the process is the same.  The name of the driver for the Simu-Shift-Knob will be Arduino Micro.


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